Intramural Open 2024

It's time again for the Intramural Open!!! The year the Intramural Open will be better than ever. We've created a new format that we know you will love. Check below for details.

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February, 21 2024

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The Intramural Open is a fun, in house "competition" designed to help our community build their fitness and relationships and have fun doing it.

Do you have to be super fit to participate? Absolutely not. Whether you've been training for 1 week or 10+ years, this is an event you can do and don't want to miss out on.

This year we will divide into three teams. Each team will have two team captains: a male and a female from each gym. On February 21st, team captains will draft their teams from those who have registered. Teams will be made up of members from both gyms and balanced based off of their levels.

We'll follow the CrossFit Open workouts in our regular class times on March 1st and March 8th. On March 16th @11pm in NBS Collierville, we'll have a big event where everyone will do the final workout together, see which team can put together the best theme, and play some dodgeball at the Ninja Gym.

How do you earn points? Lots of ways! There will be participation points, performance points based off of your level, spirit and culture points, and more! The team at the end with the most points gets a banner with their team name hung in the gym.

You don't want to miss this!